Rules :
- No spamming, I coin = 1 address
- No Tampermonkey, web scrappers .. etc
- Open only 1 tab / coin on your browser, or there will be an error
- You need 5.0 or more from ReCaptcha v3 score or your request will be ignored

February 15, 2019
About Tab
When you visit this faucet, you will get a secret key stored on your browser, that key is valid only for 1 time submit, and if you use the key again
If you open another tab on the same coin, the key will be replaced with a new one, and when you try to submit from the old tab which is still old key, it will be invalid
So please use only 1 tab / coin at a time
About ReCaptcha
Please note that the faucet decide if you are robot or not from recaptcha score, "score" are a number that recaptcha give you based on your activity on this faucet
At first you will get high score, around 0.7 from 1.0 then if you do claims non stop, use VPN and so ... on it will drop to 0.3 or less (I've tried this before)
And the score from each websites are different, so when you have 0.1 score on this faucet, you might get 1.0 from another websites
About Button
What you see on this faucet is not captcha, it's just button, with image, and there is correct button and wrong button, tha's it
And this button has a timer, the timer is random, not always 5 seconds
About Withdraw
There is a limit on withdraw, for each request
Why? because there is a limit on how many requests this faucet can send to FaucetHub per day
And there is a time when FaucetHub do some maintenance, so you won't be able to do withdraw
Your coin will not lose if you fails to do withdraw
And please understand that if there is some errors when you try to withdraw

If you notice something strange, please let me know
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